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District Officers

These Canning Vale members have served as District Officers.

District 73 reformed in 2011, breaking from Victoria, South Australia & Tasmania with Western Australia becoming it’s own District 17 in July 2011. Mark Richards being the Inagural District 17 Governor.

Area/Division Governors/Directors District Executive Officers
Ross Wilkinson Western Div D73 2008/09 Mark Richards PRO D73 2008/09
Robyn Richards Area W16 D73 2009/10 Mark Richards LGM D73 2009/10
Robyn Richards Western Div D73 2010/11 Mark Richards LGET D73 2010/11
John Palmer Area W16 D73 2010/11 Mark Richards Dist Gov D17 2011/12
Diana Veitch Area W36 D73 2010/11 Robyn Richards PRO D17 2011/12
John Palmer Area S31 D17 2011/12 Robyn Richards LGM D17 2012/13
Peter Jordan Area C2 D17 2011/12 Robyn Richards LGET D17 2013/14
John Palmer Southern Div Gov D17 2013/14 Robyn Richards Dist Gov D17 2014/15
William Placanica Area S31 D17 2013/14 Chandana Weerasekera D17 Treasurer 14/15
Fiona Mclean Area S35 D17 2013/14
Mike Palmer Area N24 D17 2014/15
Andre Sequeira Area S31 D17 2015/16
Michele Naidu Area S31 D17 2016/17